Advantages and Disadvantages of Wi-Fi

What is Wi-Fi?

The advantages and disadvantages of Wi-Fi have been discussed a lot lately. Wi-Fi is one of the most popular wireless or unguided communication technology that uses radio waves to transfer data or provide high-speed internet.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Wi-Fi

advantages and disadvantages of Wi-Fi

Advantages of Wifi:

  1. Convenience

WI-Fi can be used at home, at work, at school, and public places. You don’t have to connect wires to your device to access the internet, Thanks to Wi-Fi.

  1. Accessibility

Wi-Fi can be accessed by many devices at once depending on its strength and capacity. A lot of people can access public Wi-Fi at cafes, malls, and transportation.


Since Wi-Fi allow you to connect to the internet, You can search up anything without moving an inch. You can download music, send emails, do video chats, buy stuff online, watch movies, search for information for your projects and a lot more.

  1. Expandability

It’s easy to serve increasing number of a client without adding additional equipment.  In a wired network, providing services to additional clients requires additional wiring which can be difficult.

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi:

  1. Risk of cancer.

There is a chip in smartphones that emits radiation from various wireless devices. The Scientist believes that this radiation under long periods of time will help develop tumors, but under the fact of there being no hard evidence this problem has been dismissed. To back up this argument scientists have reported that the tumors would take up to ten years to build up. So of course, there haven’t been any case yet.

  1. Insomnia

It has been discovered that sleeping in places with Wi-Fi signals can result in not being able to sleep. The Wi-Fi pollution changes sleeping and falling asleep patterns, therefore, creating insomnia which can lead on to many other big problems like depression and hypertension. A lot of people think that this is just a rumor but studies have proven that 8/10 frequent Wi-Fi users have gotten insomnia and the entire U.S workforce adds up to an estimated $63 billion in lost work performance due to insomnia each year.

  1. Effect on Children and Pregnant Women.

It has been said that young children and pregnant women should avoid exposure of Wi-Fi as it affects human development, as scientists have realized this. They have said that they never meant to address the exposure of Wi-Fi that now affect approximately 4 billion people.

To prove how this happens a simple experiment was taken, a plant was grown in a room with as much electromagnetic radiation as cell phones have and another was grown in a room with no electromagnetic signals, it turns out that the plant in the room with the radiation didn’t even grow while the other one did, just imagine the effect this has on children.

  1. Security

Security issues is another disadvantage of Wi-Fi network. If not secured properly people can access the private network and steal information and even use your network for bad purposes. You can take various steps in securing Wi-Fi network to reduce security threats.

wifi hacked

  1. Range

Range is another issue on Wi-Fi network. A common Wireless router can have tens of meters range radius.  It can be sufficient at home, but for larger structure to obtain additional range, different network devices like repeaters or additional access points needs to be installed. This will increase the cost.

  1. Speed

Nowadays the speed that a wireless network provides is typically 1 – 54 Mbps, which is slower than wired networks.


The conclusion is that the Wi-Fi network is not perfect. There are many advantages and disadvantages of Wi-Fi. However, it has a lot of advantages.  Hence, every day, this modern technology is becoming popular and its uses are increasing on large scale.

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