Examples of input and output devices

Examples of input and output devices:

Input and output devices are the basic components of a computer system. Ther are various types of input and output devices. Here you’ll find the complete examples of input and output devices.


Examples of input and output devices

examples of input and output devices

Examples of Input devices

  1. Mouse:

A Mouse is a type of input hardware device that is commonly used in Desktop computers.

Uses: It Gives input to the computer through clicks, dragging and dropping.

Types:  Gstick mouse, Optical mouse, Mechanical mouse or ball mouse, wireless mouse.

  1. Keyboard:

A Keyboard is another type of input device which gives alphanumeric characters and other special symbols as an input.

Uses: XT keyboard , Multimedia keyboard, qwerty, laptop-size, handheld

  1. Joystick:

Especially used for playing games.

Uses: Used as game controller

Types: paddle joystick, analog joystick

  1. Graphics Tablet:

A Graphic tablet also known as drawing tablet or digitizer is an input device used for drawing.

Uses: used by artists to sketch

Types: Passive tablet, active tablet, Optical tablet, acoustic tablet

  1. Barcode reader:

It is an electronic input device that reads printed barcodes and sends it to computer

Uses: Used to scan barcode information from different products.

Types:  Laser, Linear Imager, 2D area imagers.

  1. Microphone:

A Microphone is also known as MIC or Mike. It gives voice as an input.

Uses: used to record voice to the computer at home, recording studios. It is also used during internet calls, video conferencing.

Types: Bass Mics, Ribbon Mics, USB Mics, Dynamics

  1. Digital camera

It is a hardware device that captures images and videos. The videos and images can later be transferred to a computer via cables.

Uses: Digital camera are used while traveling, Photo studios, personal uses.

  1. Web camera

A Digital camera is another type of input device that captures video, images and sends directly to the computer.

  1. Scanner:

The Scanner is used to scan documents, magazines, newspapers, pictures and send it to the computer in digital format.

Uses:  For scanning documents in offices.

Types: Flatbed, Sheet-fed, Handheld

  1. Trackballs

It uses a ball held by a socket that contains sensors to detect the movement like rotation of the ball.

  1. Gamepad

Commonly used for playing games

  1. Video Capture Hardware
  1. Touchpads
  2. Pen Input
  3. OMR
  4. OCR
  5. MICR
  6. Magnetic Tape Drive

Examples of Output Devices

  1. Monitor:

Most popular output device used to display output in softcopy format.

Uses: Displaying output in the way human can understand.

Types: CRT, LED, LCD

  1. Printers:

The Output device that provides result in printed (hard copy) format.

Uses: Printing documents, letters, images

Types: laser, impact, non-impact

  1. Plotters:

It prints the images, texts, design in large size

Uses: used to print Blueprint, image banners

  1. Speakers:

Gives sound as an output.

Uses: Video chatting, listening music, watching movies, internet calls.

  1. Projectors
  2. Computer Output Microflim(COM)
  3. Microfiche

Examples of Input and output device(both)

  1. Modems
  2. Network cards
  3. Touchscreens
  4. Audio cards/ sound cards



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